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Theo Bleckmann

His second skin – Theo Bleckmann’s Collages

Theo Bleckmann’s vocal talents are being discovered by an increasing number of music lovers. However, he has yet to be more widely recognized as an inspired creator of uniquely distinctive paper collages.  A well - developed playfulness and the urge to break open established boundaries serve as his inspiration in the visual arts – not unlike in his approach to jazz. Much like his vocal artistry, Bleckmann’s photo and magazine collages reflect his ability to venture into unknown territory; to unearth the previously unseen, and combine elements that at first sight seem incompatible. A visionary, this artist looks behind facades and navigates apparent realities: His second skin.

There are parallels to the world of jazz: In collage, too, Bleckmann found a medium in which his longing for creative improvisation has been enthusiastically received.  The audience is drawn into a new and sometimes bewildering visual world:  At times angry; then sassy; with a lot of humor and many subtle allusions.  Always present is an almost dreamlike formal and artistic quality. Theo Bleckmann is a great story teller, a discoverer and inventor—an artist beyond borders.

Translation:  Katja von Schuttenbach

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