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On October 1, 2014 Edition Longplay releases LP  11

for the first time including an mp3 download card 








The new solo recording of Alan Broadbent "Just One Of Those Things" shows very clearly: Alan is not only a highly acclaimed arranger and orchestra leader, two Grammy Awards as well as working with Woody Herman, Natalie Cole, Diana Krall, Paul Mc Cartney, etc., he is also a great and distinctive pianist. In decades of cooperation with the unforgettable Charlie Haden and his Quartet West, he demonstrated this emphatically. Charlie Haden praised him as "one of the most original improvisers of jazz". 

Alan's last solo CD "Heart To Heart" received the very rare 5-star award from Downbeat magazine and also from the British Jazz Journal. His solo performance at the St. Emilion Jazz Festival was mentioned by the magazine Jazzman as Best Jazz Concert 2012 in France.

His new solo recording on the vinyl Edition Longplay proves this exceptional position strongly. His improvisations on piano pieces by Cole Porter and the likes of John Lewis and Dave Brubeck to Elvis Costello show him again as a master of sensitive and emphatic reinterpretations and boundless communication. He is, as formulated by Tobias Richtsteig in his liner notes, a "Storyteller".

In a congenial manner the silent and sensitive woodcut art by the Stuttgart artist Martina Geist corresponds in "energetic pictorial spatial communication"

(Werner Meyer).


For the first time every one of the limited edition of 500 copies LP is accompanied by an mp3 download card.

In addition, a limited unique-edition of four copies will be released at the price of 190, - Euro (incl. Edition Long Play LP 11) with two additional tracks that are published solely in this form.

9 unique - handmade woodcut prints of the cover by Martina Geist will be released at the price of 380, - Euro (incl. Edition Long Play LP 11).

The LP can be purchased at authorized dealers as well as from the editor and owner of Edition Longplay Rainer Haarmann, the special editions only from Rainer Haarmann.

More information about Rainer Haarmann (former artistic director of the prestigious JazzBaltica Festival): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / www.editionlongplay.com

Alan Broadbent will perform an LP release concert on Tuesday, November 11, 2014 in Saarbrücken, Germany. More concerts at: www.alanbroadbent.com


About the LP





01/ All The Things You Are 4.17 (Jerome Kern)

02/ Serenata 4.44 (Leroy Anderson)

03/ Birds Will Still Be Singing 5.17 (Elvis Costello)

04/ In Your Own Sweet Way / Strange Meadowlark 8.05 (Dave Brubeck)



01/ Just One Of Those Things 3.44 (Cole Porter)

02/ Django 6.04 (John Lewis)

03/ My Romance / Spring Is Here 9.43 (Richard Rodgers)

04/ Autumn Leaves 4.54 (Joseph Kosma)


Total running time: 46:44 minutes


UPC (Barcode): 4260359730034

Order number: Edition Longplay LP 11


RECORDED LIVE AT Classic Pianos | Portland | Oregon | USA on June 7th & 8th 2013

ENGINEERING, MIXING & MASTERING Patrick Springer | USA | www.springersound.com


GRAPHIC DESIGN Glasmeyer, Jung, Schreiter | Clarens Jung & Florian Köppe | Kiel, Germany | www.gjs-kiel.de

PHOTO ARTWORK Rolf Kißling | Kiel | Germany

PHOTOS ALAN BROADBENT Juan Carlos Hernandez (Portrait) | Bob Barry | USA

MADE BY handle with care | Berlin, Germany | www.handlewithcare.de

TRANSLATION Selene States | London (Werner Meyer)

MANAGEMENT ALAN BROADBENT Jan Matthies | Hamburg | Germany | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SPECIAL THANKS TO Alan Broadbent | Patrick Springer | Jan Matthies | Martina Geist | Werner Meyer | Tobias Richtsteig


Liner Notes by Tobias Richtsteig:

Alan Broadbent is a storyteller. Not a stand-up comedian who will burst out in laughter on his own jokes every now and then. His piano tells the deeper truths of life. Of the precious moments when romance begins as well as of the consolation badly needed when love has left. These are timeless tales, told in the classic language of jazz Alan Broadbent first heard in his teens. It soon became his mother tongue, working (and gathering Grammy nominations and prices) with the likes of Woody Herman, Chet Baker and Charlie Haden – as a longtime partner and co-composer in the late bass player´s famous „Quartet West“.


Alan Broadbent gathered Grammy awards and nominations mostly because of his unique work as an arranger and conductor. He got famous because of his work with legends like Natalie Cole, Barbara Streisand, Hank Jones, Keith Jarrett, Herbie Hancock, Diana Krall or Sir Paul McCartney. Unforgettable his long life cooperation with Charlie Haden, who sadly passed away on July 11th, 2014. He arranged and conducted the most impressive (and Grammy winning) late work of him with the Quartet West and a Chamber Orchestra „Art Of The Song“ from 1999, which Haden then performed live at JazzBaltica with a youth Chamber Orchestra, again conducted by Alan Broadbent. Charlie Haden himself praised him as „one of the most original improvisers in the world of Jazz“.


No wonder, that the American Magazine Down Beat valued his latest solo CD „Heart To Heart“ from 2013 with the rare highest rate of 5 stars. Down Beat: „These days the two-times Grammy award winner’s notable skills as an arranger are in such great demand that his talents as a composer and pianist can be too easly eclipsed...(this record) is an opportunity to hear just how faithful Broadbent can be to a melody even as his capacity to explore and develop it seems unbounded... It’s a lovely, resonant wordless conversation.“ (Andrew Velez, December 2013)

This new recording you now are holding in your hand (one of his rare and very intimate solo performances) shows him again at his best: a soloist with a pristine grand piano, no strings attached, intimately conversing with the attentive listener. Alan Broadbent is a storyteller.



Alan Broadbent:

True jazz, routed in bebop swing, has never has much of a following in the mainstream music business and relies largely on the support of dedicated friends and on the kindness of „strangers“. I first met Rainer when I appeared at his famous JazzBaltica Festival with Charlie Haden’s Quartet West. From strangers we became friends, meeting occasionally when I was on the road in Europe with the quartet. I have always admired his dedication to jazz and its musicians, many of whom he can also claim as friends. When he invited me to submit a live concert recording to his exclusive Edition Longplay and accepted it for release I felt very honored to be in such classy company. With so many people dissatisfied with compressed digital sound, here is the sound of the future. Vinyl!

I hope you enjoy the concert.



Front cover

Martina Geist | Tässchen auf Grün | oil on wood | 28,5 x 28,5 cm | 2014

If we were to sum up Martina Geist’s most recent work under the title Slow Motion, it would turn our attention to the artistic rendering of motion, to the depiction of space and time. Granting Martina Geist’s woodcuts represent still lifes marked by chairs and tables, fruits and glasses, a classical repertoire of motifs; the objects and likewise the space are always captured in motion; a glass falling, water pouring over the table’s surface, expanding across and beyond the format of the painting, and in this motion, making claim to a cubist style through ist many vantage points and perspectives. Chairs float in space. Nothing simply lies where it should, the way it ought to in a conventional still live. Speed is not only tangible in the things caught in motion, but is also palable in the lines and forms that constitute the space of the image. Martina Geist accords force to her compositions through their dynamic arrangement. Due to the abstraction within her designs, forms, lines and the intensive pictorial-spatial communication of visual elements, animated moments condense in the act of tipping, flowing, expanding and contracting, thereby seeming to be frozen in slow motion. The series is both the instrument of pictorial design as well as the vehicle through which the artist guides her movement between motifs. In variations on the same motif, she graps onto motion and the concept of speed.

(Werner Meyer)

 A solo performance by Alan Broadbent from Ankara Jazz Festival 2013 can be seen here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8FeOkDJ2PY

 Sheet music is available in the shop of Alan Broadbent’s website:


 Just now another, already highly acclaimed CD by Alan Broadbent in collaboration with the NDR Bigband has been published: "America The Beautiful", Jan Matthies Records / www.janmatthiesrecords.com




In spring 2013 two additional Edition Longplay LPs and corresponding Special Issues will be released

Releasedate will be beginning of April 2013.

Edition Longplay 07:

CoverCOLIBRI Edmar Castaneda – Joe Locke Duo Live At JazzBaltica 2010; Special Guest Andrea Tierra (voc)

Cover Art & Special Edition: Christine Streuli (Cover: siehe Abbildung)

Edition Longplay 08:

FAMILIA Rainer Böhm Quartett featuring Johannes Enders, recorded in Munich January 2013

Cover Art & Special Edition: Julia Schmidt

Informationen about the Special LP Issues und Editions in the catalog of EDITION LONGPLAY




At Pentecostweekend (18. and 19. May 2013)

Edition Longplay organizes at

Kontorhaus Keitum (Sylt)

together with Teekontor Keitum  a Jazzweekend titled


A Piano Weekend with

Don Friedman, NY
Michael Wollny
Clara Haberkamp
Rainer Böhm
Martin Ehlers

& Special Guests

Get additional information from Edition Longplay

New Edition 2013

In spring 2013 Edition Longplay will publish the next LP


The LP with the title “COLIBRI” of the duo Edmar Castaneda (harp) and Joe Locke (vibraphone) & special guest ANDREA TIERRA (vocal) contents live recordings from the cheered JazzBaltica concert, July 4th, 2010, Salzau.

The international known painter CHRISTINE STREULI from Switzerland contributes a painting ( Mixed Media on wood, 30 x 30 cm), which she realised under the impression of a meeting with Edmar Castaneda in Berlin (see picture).

Cover-Art Christine Streuli

There will be four original works of Christine Streuli (Lithograph and lack on paper, 30 x 30 cm) as a special edition of Edition Longplay available.

Copyright Rainer Haarmann

The picture shows Edmar Castaneda and Christine Streuli.



November 2012: „Christine Streuli / Jörg Sasse“, Galerie Rupert Pfab, Düsseldorf
Juni 2013: Christine Streuli, Kunstmuseum Luzern, CH ( Katalog Hatje Cantz )
Oktober 2013: Christine Streuli, Haus Am Waldsee, Berlin ( Katalog: Walther König, Köln)



25th, November - 8th, Dezember 2012: Solo Exibition at BRUCE SILVERSTEIN Galerie, 535 West 24th Street, New York; www.brucesilverstein.com



28th, Oktober – 25th, November, 2012, Galerie in der Stadtscheune, 21762 Otterndorf