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The LP is living – it is back to life and developing – with other words: LONGPLAY



Today it is nearly a truism, that the CD with it’s  best period within the 80s and 90s comes closer to an end. And it seams like a small media miracle, that the good old LP came back to life. What was the reason?


It started with the club scene and with DJs; they helped the LP to develop a new curiosity. In its best times the long play recording stood for the ambitious aim to communicate music and all its artistic facets with pictures, paintings and words in an attractive way. The LP itself became in its best examples an art object in itself. For example - and this as an icon for a whole period - Andy Warhol’s yellow banana on the LP “Velvet Underground” or the functioning zipper on the million fold sold LP of the Rolling Stones. Another example: the Blue Note LP - design of Reid Miles, which stood and still stands as best example of LP art of all times. Jazz music itself came into a second glorious time with the help of designers, photographers and artists like Lee Friedlander, Gil Melle, William Claxton, David Stone Martin, Charles Stewart and in Germany with the unforgettable Günther Kieser.


The Longplay recording as “synthesis of the arts” and still as basis of unreachable and natural sound quality has been re – discovered by music lovers – especially the young ones. Instead of the anonymous down loading and a world of in numerous sounds a new and growing feeling for music is developing – still in niches but these are getting bigger.


EDITION LONGPLAY: It is my aim according to my book with the title “Longplay” from 2008 to focus on the development of LP production, which make curious about unique and ambitious artistic cooperation projects.


EDITION LONGPLAY: Fine Arts and jazz music come together in a creative way using  the medium LP; and with this they stress the attention to the character of all arts: Expression of time and world - far beyond words.


EDITION LONGPLAY: This means LPs of a limited edition of 500 copies and with excellent production quality. The Cover is reserved for am artwork, which is chosen in cooperation with the musician and which also might be realised in a dialogue between artist and musician. In each case picture and sound create a symbiosis of art and music.

In addition to the LPs there are specials issues of art works and – this might be totally new – with unique LPs with additional takes or tunes.



Rainer Haarmann